Die Assistant Die Design Software now updated for
AutoCAD v2006 Thru v2013

*** Brand New in 2012: Supports Windows Xp, Vista, and Win7 in 32bit and 64bit Versions ***

*** Brand New in 2012: Now Supports AutoCAD Versions up thru 2013 ***

This is an AutoCAD Third Party ADD-ON package which DOES NOT INCLUDE the
You must Purchase, or already own, a seat of the AutoCAD platform to run this software.

(1) Finally, Economical Tool & Die Design Software for AutoCAD written by Die Designers
(2) Over 8 years in development with over 35 years background in the Tool & Die Industry
(3) Over 150k+ Lines of code written in Visual Lisp, DCL, Pascal, and C++
(4) Self install routine automatically loads into AutoCAD Configuration (2006 and above)
(5) A vast library of commands to ease the Die Design Process
(6) NEW FAST MS Excel ONE BUTTON exporting of BOM (requires Microsoft Office)
(7) The Fully Interactive Die Specific BOM command itself is worth the price of the software
(8) Full Implement of Fasteners included in the Libraries
(9) Auto Fastener Command recognizes most odd shaped blocks
(10) Detail command saves hours and builds accurate and detailed hole-charts
(11) Pays for itself on the 1st or 2nd Job by the 20%-30% time savings (based on customer feedback)
(12) Reasonably Priced for Independent Designers as well as Economically Minded Companies
(13) Online Video Animations to display SOME of it's vast capabilities
(14) An Intuitive interface that's easy to learn, you'll be designing in very little Time
(15) LESS than 25% the cost of the nearest competitive Die Design Package
(16) And Best of all, FULLY FUNCTIONAL 30 Day Money Back Trial Offer!
(17) Fully Functional, Context Sensitive, Windows Help/Training File Integration!
(18) NOW RUNS IN versions of AutoCAD 2006 thru 2013
(19) Updated for Windows XP, XP(64), Vista, Vista(64), Win7, and Win7(64)

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